John Paxton on 6 Feb 2004 21:04:10 -0000

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RE: Needed modules

> | Knowing this, I'd be interested to see what folks here recommend. 
> | Assume that DBI and DBD::Oracle are on the list.  What else 
> do folks 
> | recommend?
> that's a rather odd question.
> you are aware that by installing modules, they won't actually 
> do anything?
> you should install those modules which are needed by any 
> software you install or write.
> install nothing more, nothing less.

Right, but what if you wrote a bunch of code under, say 5.00503.  Now
you're going to upgrade to 5.8.x (or 5.008x, as the case may be) and
you'd like to know what might be out there to make your life easier,
knowing that you're going to be writing code that does foo, bar and baz.
Since that's my case, I supplied foo, bar and baz to the list, and asked
opinions on what tools (i.e. modules) folks would use, knowing they'd be
working with foo, bar and baz.  

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