Wismer, James on 10 May 2004 20:31:54 -0000

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RE: Travelling to YAPC::NA


I'm planning on going to YAPC::NA, but won't be at the dinner tonight.  I'm
probably going to fly (haven't booked the flight yet though).

Jim Wismer

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On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 12:53:51AM +0200, Abigail wrote:
> How are people going to travel to YAPC::NA (assuming that some people
> will be going)? I just bought a couple of plane tickets to Philadelphia
> (which was about $800 cheaper than direct flights to Buffalo), but that
> means I've to travel from Philly to Buffalo and back.

I'm tentatively planning to drive, but I suppose I'd be tempted to fly
if I found a cheap enough fare.

Do you know yet when you're arriving in Philly?  

> Will there be a couple of cars going like we did a few years back to
> Pittsburg where I can join the crowd? Are people planning this far ahead?

Don't know yet.  I'm hoping we'll have enough of a quorum tonight to
talk about it. :)


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