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Perl tutorial at U Penn on Friday 4 June

This year I will be giving a new tutorial at the big Perl conference
in Portland next month.  As usual, I would like to practice it
beforehand.  I will be doing that on Friday.

The tutorial is titled:

                         Welcome to my ~/bin


Friday, 4 June.

The tutorial will start around 6:30 PM and will last until about
10:00, including a 30-minute break in the middle.

Food may be provided.


Here is the brochure description:

                         Welcome to my ~/bin

        Over the years, Dominus has built up a large collection of
        handy utilities in Perl. He'll take you on a tour of these
        utilities and show you what they do and how they work.

        Class content will vary, but will include at least some of the

        * dump, pmud: lightweight keyed databases
        * getstore: copy a web page to a local file
        * googles: what google searches are leading people to my web site?
        * mailhold: challenge-response for incoming email
        * makethumbnails: build image thumbnail pages
        * mark: manage collections of files
        * mypsmerge, mypstrim, mypsup2: PostScript formatting and conversion
        * print: replacement printer daemon
        * ticker: watch files grow
        * unrecv: make email archive directories smaller
        * watcher: watch a collection of web pages and report whenever
          one changes


The classes will be held in Wu-Chen auditorium on the first floor of
the new Melvin and Claire Levine Hall at the University of
Pennsylvania.  Levine Hall is located at 3330 Walnut Street in

For directions to the University, see

A map is available at:


My usual bio says:

        Mark-Jason Dominus has been programming in Perl since 1992. He
        is the author of the 'Memoize', 'Text::Template', and
        'Tie::File' modules, the author of the 'perlreftut' man page,
        and an occasional contributor to the Perl core.  He won the
        2001 Larry Wall award for Practical Utility.

For more details about me, see

For more details about classes I teach, see


Please do circulate this notice to any people or mailing lists that
you think might want to see it.

My grateful thanks go to Helen Anderson and the University of
Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science for providing
the space and AV equipment for these classes.


Questions?  Send me email.
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