Walt Mankowski on 2 Jun 2004 03:03:56 -0000

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June events update

Unfortunately it looks like we won't have a technical meeting this
month, but I think we should still have a social meeting.

Possible dates are the 7th and the 14th.  The 7th is when I'd
tentatively thought we might have a tech meeting.  The following
weekend former phl.pm member Abigail will be visiting, and there's a
chance (still unconfirmed) that we might take him out the night of the

And of course the 15th is when most people will be heading up to
Buffalo for YAPC.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Abigail about the 14th, but in the
meantime if anyone has a preference for one of those dates let me
know.  I'll post something official in the next few days.

We don't have any speakers on the schedule at the moment.  If anyone
would like to give a talk, please don't hesitate to volunteer.  And if
there are any topics anyone would like to hear a talk on, let us know
that, too.

I see on the ny.pm list that Damian Conway might be giving a talk up
there the end of June.  More details as they become available...


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