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RE: Perl monger new to Philly

Regarding ISPs

I live in the suburbs (Ardmore, actually), and I've liked
a lot, for DSL service. Here in the states, Comcast is ubiquitous (and
cheap) but somewhat evil (pay per computer hooked up, no static IPs, a
dim view of running servers on their systems). Also, you might only get
good cheap rates from Comcast if you've already signed up for their
cable service (and satellite here tends to have a wider channel

Regarding Philly's job market

If I were looking for Perlish jobs, the first place I'd start is For the Philadelphia area, specifically, you could try, which is the local paper's website. The classifieds
there are ok. Further, they might have some archive information on
salaries/benefits/etc in the area. In general, it seems that the job
market is rather tight in Philly, as it is on the rest of the East
Coast. I'm sure that others hereabouts will have more to say about job
hunting and prospects.

Welcome to Philly!


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Michael Styer wrote:
> My second question is about Philly ISPs. Any recommendations or 
> warnings? Or can you point me to a good website with reviews of the 
> competing ISPs in Philly? I'm looking for a company that will provide 
> DSL or Cable service.

If you're going to be in the city, I can recommend as a DSL ISP.

I've been using them for three years or so without any problems. Don't 
know what the suburban experiences have been.

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