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Re: Perl monger new to Philly

I've had verizon dsl for two years without any major problems.  It
took a little longer to get running (a week or so) when I moved last
month, but that's because there was no existing phone line or service
at the new place.  I've also used roadrunner DSL without problems.  In
~3 years at my mom's house, i remember it going out for one weekend.
I also used to work @, who sells DSL, used to go through
Covad, and not verizon, if you want it but not through verizon.  They
always gave out static ips, though that may not be the case antmore.

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 06:34:48PM +0000, Lawrence D.P. Miller wrote:
| Welcome!
| > Can you suggest any
| > websites or publications that might have this information? Also, what
| > sites would you recommend to someone looking for freelance or permanent
| > positions in the Philly area?
| I'd suggest the usual websites;,, etc, but in many 
| cases, word of mouth is the best way to find perl-specific jobs, and 
| openings often get posted here.
| > My second question is about Philly ISPs. Any recommendations or
| > warnings?
| As a suburban, I can tell you that dsl is readily available, as is cable 
| modem through comcast.  I've no experience with Verizon DSL, but covad dsl 
| is also generally available.  Comcast has been a lot better lately than 
| they used to be.  These are all for residential class connections 
| (asymmetrical); SDSL and other business class connections are still a bit 
| iffy.  Hope this helps.
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| Lawrence D.P. Miller
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