Eric Roode on 16 Aug 2004 23:40:07 -0000

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Re: Meeting.

Uh, I wasn't aware of a meeting, until I read Joe's message just now (at 7:30).

I can do next Monday, though.

Quoting Walt Mankowski <>:

> On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 02:40:41PM -0400, Joe Schmoe wrote:
> > Our meeting is tonight right?  Do we know where it will be yet? I
> > must have missed something. - Jason
> Sorry, I meant to follow up on this over the weekend and forgot.  I'm
> thinking it might be too late to do anything tonight at this point.
> If there's a groundswell of support to do something to night, I can
> make it, but I'm thinking next Monday might be better.



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