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Fwd: YAPC::Europe talks

In case anyone's giving a talk at YAPC::Europe this year, please make
sure you confirm with them that you're planning on attending.


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Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 20:52:46 +0100
From: Marty Pauley <marty+perl@kasei.com>
To: yapc-europe@lists.dircon.co.uk
Subject: YAPC::Europe talks

The YAPC::Europe talks organisers have been working on the talks list
this weekend, and they were planning to post it on the site this

They are still on target, but they have a problem.

As I mentioned in an earlier email, most of the speakers haven't actually
confirmed that they will be coming or told us their T-shirt size.  And
very few have sent in slides or notes to be printed.

We could have assumed that everyone who had a talk accepted will be at
the conference, but we already know that some of the speakers are now
unable to attend.

So the initial list of talks will be short.  If you are a speaker,
please confirm your attendance (and T-shirt size).  If you know
a speaker, please nip their arm or flick their ears until they confirm
their attendance.


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