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Announcement of YAPC::Europe 2005 Venue

Here's the official announcement for next year's YAPC::Europe.


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Announcement of YAPC::Europe 2005 Venue 

The *YAPC::Europe::Foundation* is pleased to announce the successful
candidate for hosting YAPC::Europe in 2005: 

              Braga in Portugal

That's in the top left hand corner, as if you didn't know. You can see
their website at

Following a successful conference in Belfast <http://belfast.yapc.org>
this year, we're all looking forward to next years conference in
Portugal. Braga is being organised by Alberto Simoes and Jose Alves
Castro, who have organised several other conferences in the past so,
although they have several hard acts to follow, we're expecting great
things from them.

To keep up to date with the latest developments check out both the
Braga website at <http://perl-hackers.net/index.cgi?YAPC::EU::Braga>
and the YAPC::Europe::Foundation website at

Portugal here we come! :-)

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