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RE: Reminder -- lightning talks next Monday, October 18

I have reserved the ISI conference room for us.  We'll have the usual
A/V equipment on hand.  I assume someone will have a laptop that can be
used, if needed.


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It's been a while since I sent out the announcement, so I wanted to
remind everyone that we're having our first technical meeting in ages
this coming Monday, October 18.  We're doing lightning talks this
month.  As usual, the meeting will be at ISI at 7 PM.

If you're not familiar with them, lightning talks are short talks
limited to just 5 minutes.  They're a great chance for new people who
are nervous about speaking before a group to get their feet wet.
They're also great for more experienced people who don't want spend the
time putting together a longer talk.

So far only two people have told me they'll be doing lightning talks
on Monday.  If that's all we get, it's going to be an awfully short

So we need more people!  Talks can be about just about anything
remotely related to Perl.  If you're having trouble thinking of a
topic, Mark has some ideas at

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