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Perl Seminar NY: October 19 Meeting

Welcome Perlmongers, Perl hackers and Perl aficionados in New York City and within driving distance!

Perl Seminar NY holds its first meeting of the 2004-05 season next Tuesday, the 3rd Tuesday of the month. For last-minute changes, please consult our list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/perlsemny (and join our group!).

*Location & Time*:
NYPC Users Group office suite
481 8 Ave (Ramada New Yorker Hotel)
Suite 1560
between West 34 & 35 Sts, Manhattan
Tuesday, October 19, 6:15-8:15 pm


Alex Gill and Friends:  "YAPC Roundup."  Perl Seminar NY was well
represented at Yet Another Perl Conference/2004 in Buffalo in June --
both in attendance and among the speakers.  Alex and other attendees
will share their impressions.  Anyone who attended OSCON is welcome to
speak here as well.

Jon Meek:  "An Introduction to Network Monitoring and Measurement with
Perl." Jon hacks with the Linux service monitoring daemon known as
'mon' (http://www.kernel.org/software/mon/).  He'll give us a taste of
how he uses Perl to analyze network monitoring data.

Jim Keenan:  "Projects for Perlsemny."  Over the summer, several of our
members began to discuss ways in which we can collaborate on
programming and self-teaching projects between our monthly meetings.
Jim will describe two such projects:  "Using Perl 6 in Perl 5" and
"Phalanx," the CPAN QA project initiated by Andy Lester of Chicago.pm.

Steven Lembark:  "Setting Up a Sandbox with FindBin::libs."  The
FindBin module is distributed with the Perl core and Steve has extended
its functionality with his CPAN module FindBin::libs
libs.pm).  He will explain how it enables you to locate "lib"
directories to use and set up sandboxes with local copies of Perl

Jim Keenan

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