Meng Weng Wong on 10 Mar 2005 21:16:42 -0000

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[ perl programmers looking for full time work?]

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  • From: (Josh Marcus)
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  • Subject: perl programmers looking for full time work?
  • Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 16:32:19 -0500
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hey there, Meng--

hope all is well with you.  I was wondering if you happened
to know any perl programmers who might be interested in
working for a progressively-minded organization ...

here's a quick job ad if you know anyone to forward it to:


Solutions for Progress Inc., a progressive public policy
consulting group located in Philadelphia, is seeking a
Systems Programmer to support and develop our pioneering
internet-based software program, The Benefit Bank.

The Benefit Bank is increasingly being used as part of
anti-poverty mobilizations. It is a free service that
assists low- and moderate-income households in maximizing
their tax credits and public benefits.

As a member of the development team of the Benefit Bank,
you will work closely with other programmers, testers,
and benefit analysts to add functionality to the application
and roll out new benefit modules for states around the country.

We use an agile development methodology, and strive towards
a high degree of collaboration and consensus.

Salary is low for the corporate sector, but reasonable
for work with a focus on social justice.

An ideal candidate would have:
-- fluency in object-oriented perl
-- experience with XML technologies (e.g. xslt)
-- professional experience in development
-- interest in application design
-- familiarity with linux and command line tools
-- good development habits (documentation, testing)

Please forward your resume, code samples, and references

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