Pete Renshaw on 25 Mar 2005 19:26:43 -0000

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slash site

Hello all

I am starting to work on some new sites using slashcode.  I just got things 
running yesterday.  Slackware database server with a dragonflybsd web 
server.  Connecting to a remote database was new for me so I was real happy 
that things worked.  I am planning on studying everything involved very 
closely, so I'll be dusting off my 100 perl books just in case I have to make 
adjustments or just understand what's going on.

Also I'll be looking into setting up an "im" server with a perl front end, 
maybe jwchat or something else.  jwchat is real small and I think people like 
that.  If anybody has any suggestions, I would be happy to hear.

The one site will be for music in general and live bands in the tri state 
area.  I very much enjoy seeing live bands, but they keep getting replaced 
with DJ's and dance music.  I think I may be able to at least keep things 
from getting worse if not better.  I'll do mp3 streaming for bands I know.  
I'll find out the hard way what my line can handle.

If anybody has any clubs or new bands you want me to make links too.  Please 
email me.  I'll make a link page to check them out weekly or maybe somebody 
wants to be an author.  It will take me a good six months to get things in 

The other sites will be about choppers(bikes), vw beatles/sand baja and hot 


On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 22:19:00 -0500, Walt Mankowski wrote
> Well, we haven't had any other suggestions so let's make it official.
> We're meeting tomorrow for dinner at the Smoked Joint[1], a new rib
> joint at 1420 Locust St.  We'll meet as usual at 7 PM.
> We've only had one response so far, but hopefully it'll be more than
> just me and Barry.  As a further enticement, I will have free copies
> of the premiere issue of Oreilly's new magazine Make[2] to give away.
> See you tomorrow night.
> Walt
> 1.
> 2.

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