Walt Mankowski on 25 Mar 2005 19:39:23 -0000

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Re: slash site

On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 03:18:50PM -0400, Pete Renshaw wrote:
> Hello all
> I am starting to work on some new sites using slashcode.  I just got things 
> running yesterday.  Slackware database server with a dragonflybsd web 
> server.  Connecting to a remote database was new for me so I was real happy 
> that things worked.  I am planning on studying everything involved very 
> closely, so I'll be dusting off my 100 perl books just in case I have to make 
> adjustments or just understand what's going on.
> Also I'll be looking into setting up an "im" server with a perl front end, 
> maybe jwchat or something else.  jwchat is real small and I think people like 
> that.  If anybody has any suggestions, I would be happy to hear.
> The one site will be for music in general and live bands in the tri state 
> area.  I very much enjoy seeing live bands, but they keep getting replaced 
> with DJ's and dance music.  I think I may be able to at least keep things 
> from getting worse if not better.  I'll do mp3 streaming for bands I know.  
> I'll find out the hard way what my line can handle.
> If anybody has any clubs or new bands you want me to make links too.  Please 
> email me.  I'll make a link page to check them out weekly or maybe somebody 
> wants to be an author.  It will take me a good six months to get things in 
> order.
> The other sites will be about choppers(bikes), vw beatles/sand baja and hot 
> rods.
> Pete

If you have any specific Perl questions, feel free to ask them here,
although I'm sure there are certainly better places to ask questions
about slashcode than this list.  Otherwise your post looks like a
thinly veiled ad for your site, and as such seems pretty off-topic for
this list.

Also, why did you feel the need to copy my entire posting about our
dinner meeting?


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