Mark Dominus on 8 Sep 2005 02:19:47 -0000

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Short perl-related lunchtime talk on Friday

"The usual place" referred to below is the small conference room on
the 3rd floor of the Levine building at Penn.  

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Subject: [plclub] PL Club talk Friday on support for functional programming
	in Perl
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        I have recently had published a book on functional programming
        techniques for the Perl programming language.  Some have
        suggested that this was the product of a deranged mind; others
        say it was only the product of garden-variety stupidity.  In
        this talk, I hope to persuade you that this effort was neither
        demented nor unusually foolish.

        I will discuss the value of functional programming techniques,
        with particular attention to the value that they provide to
        the great proletariat of the programming community.  I'll talk
        about the support that Perl provides for those techniques, and
        the support that it fails to provide, and I'll contrast this
        support with that of similar languages, such as Python.  I
        will probably sneak in some discussion of Common Lisp, Java,
        Standard ML, and Haskell along the way.

The talk will run from about 12:15 to about 1:30 on Friday, 
9 September, in the usual place.

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