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Fwd: [pm_groups] YAPC::Israel::2006 - Call for papers and participation

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Subject: [pm_groups] YAPC::Israel::2006 - Call for papers and participation

I'd appreciate if you sent it to your mailing lists.
Some people in Europe and NA might be interested in a winter vacation
in a warm area.

After three Perl conferences in Israel ( http://www.perl.org.il/YAPC/ )
it seems it is time to enlarge the conference and include other, related
Open Source technologies as well.

In February 2006, we are going to have a 3 day long conference in 3 parallel
tracks covering various Open Source fields.

Keynote Speaker
Larry Wall, inventor of Perl

Special Guest
Autrijus Tang, Chief Pugs Hacker

For further details please read the full
Call for Papers and Participation on


YAPC::Israel::2006 conference web site


Gabor Szabo
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