Lawrence D.P. Miller on 9 Mar 2007 15:31:02 -0000

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client/partner contract?

Hi, folks.

I've got a client that is interested in helping to resell the project I'm working on to other businesses in their industry after it's done. Does anyone know of any standard language that can be included in the contract that would allow this?

This is not being set up as a work-for-hire, because I want to retain rights to the product. So basically, I'm looking for language that says something like "client has the right to resell the product to a third party, provided that client pays X amount to me," or perhaps even better, "any sales that client refers to me, I'll pay the client Y amount." They might also want something that obliges me to participate if they line up a sale, since they can't set it up on their own.

Anyone done this sort of thing before?  Get burned or not?  Cheers.

Lawrence D.P. Miller
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