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Fwd: One week left for yapc-na talk proposals

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Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 16:15:57 -0500
From: Jeremy Fluhmann <fluhmann@gmail.com>
To: pm_groups@pm.org, yapc@pm.org
Subject: [pm_groups] One week left for yapc-na talk proposals

Only one week left to submit your talk
proposal<http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007/newtalk>(must be
logged in) for YAPC::NA 2007!  Deadline is midnight (CST) on April
9th.  Please login or create an account on the ACT-hosted YAPC::NA site and
submit your proposal before it's too late.  If you'd like to give a talk but
are not quite sure what to present, look at the
wiki<http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007/wiki>for talk
if you don't plan on giving a talk, but would like to suggest one, then add
it to the list of
last year attendees requested talks be tagged with suggested experience
level of attendee (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  Please include this
in the comments section of your talk if appropriate. See the official CFP
posting <http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007/cfp.html>.

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