R. Geoffrey Avery on 3 Apr 2007 15:20:57 -0000

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The 10th annual Garibaldi Birthday Bash

Below is the email from Garibaldi for this year's bash...

Thursday April 19 will be my 9th birthday. It is also the original (not 3rd Monday version) Patriots day in Massachusetts celebrating the "shot heard around the world", the anniversary of the Waco and Oklahoma City events, and Kite Day on the Gesargenplotzist Calendar http://www.phil.vt.edu/Miller/papers/gesargenplotzianism/geztitle.html.

So on Saturday April 21 dad, mom, my step sister Mocha, and I would like to invite you over to celebrate. Festivities begin around 3 with a celebration of Kite day. Dad has many kites so there should be one for everyone who wants to participate. After the kites we will have dinner even if I have Kibbles and Bits and Bits and Bits like I do every night.

And after dinner, if you don't run away, there will be a viewing of a DVD on dad's TV as you have a chance to sit on the floor or couch with me. And it is my day so this is what you really want to be here for. Or perhaps there will be a chance to play Texas Hold'em, although I won't get as much attention until you go "all in" and lose.

You might now be wondering how this is the 10th annual event if it is only my 9th birthday. Well as dad will tell you, any decent programming language starts counting from zero and not from one. But more to the point, when I was just a few months old, before I moved in with dad, he had the first party in my honor when people came over to help put in a fence for me.

If you will be able to make it please let me or dad know so there will be enough food for all. If you want to take the train from Center City dad will pick you up at the Chester station and we will make sure you have a ride home later. As always if you need directions ask dad. But you know his name and that we live in Chester, you should be able to find it on the internet without much trouble.

- M. Garibaldi Avery

PS. Kite Day is the day "on which Gesargenplotzians are urged to fly kites and to consider that life, like a kite, requires special conditions to operate at all, never lasts forever, but is sometimes worth the trouble anyway."

PPS. Remember to not dress up. It is my day and I will make sure you have at least some of my hair on you to remember me.

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