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Re: Pre-YAPC meeting next week?

I haven't seen Jim's message on the list, so I thought I might as well
just foward what he sent me.

If anyone wants to do a practice talk, it looks like Thursday is the
best day.  But no one's contacted me yet about that, so maybe it
doesn't matter.  Either Wednesday or Thursday is good for food.


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I replied to the message board, but wanted to let you know directly that
next Wednesday will not be good for me.  I may be able to get someone
else here at ISI to be available.  But any other day next week would be
better for me if you want to have a tech meeting.


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Anyone interested in having a pre-YAPC meeting next week?  If anyone
wants to practice anything for YAPC then we could have a tech meeting,
otherwise I guess we'll meet back at the brewpub.

How does the 20th work for people?


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