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Fwd: yapc-na 2007 is almost here

It's still not to late to register!

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Subject: [pm_groups] yapc-na 2007 is almost here

Please disseminate to your Perl Monger groups and any other groups that you
are a part of that may be interested in attending.

YAPC::NA 2007 is only 13 days away!  If you haven't already registered, it's
not too late!  Visit the YAPC::NA website (
http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007) to get registered.  Don't miss out
on the largest Perl gathering of North America!  On campus housing wants
final numbers on June 15.  Don't wait until the last minute!

ACT now!  For one easy payment of just $100 you'll get:

  - Three days packed with 36 hours of talks
  - Opportunities to meet various members of the Perl community
  - Chance to attend a variety of Birds of a Feather
  - Conference T-shirt
  - Swag bag full of all sorts of goodies (including a particular Perl
  magazine <http://www.theperlreview.com/>)
  - A night of gaming fun and Glow Bowling at the UC Games Room (more
  information coming soon)
  - Dinner at the Tuesday night Banquet - Texas Barbecue themed
  - Face time with potential employers at the Job Fair
  - Updates on major Perl projects
  - Keynotes by The Perl Foundation and Larry Wall himself

Plus, for $200 more dollars, we'll throw in two extra days of Perl!  That's
right, following the conference, Stonehenge is offering two 2-day training
sessions at prices well under market value.  brian d foy will be offering
two days of Intermeidate Perl with Randal Schwartz covering Perl Best
Practices and Persistent Perl Data.  Visit the Master Class page on the YAPC
to find out more - http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007/master.html

Don't have $200, but still want more Perl?  Then stay for the Hackathon!
Two days of hacking fun and helping out on various projects.  There's a wiki
page on the site for signing up -

See you in Houston!


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