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Fwd: You! Submit a talk proposal by 20 August 2007 (Please!)

So it turns out that despite what some folks said at the meeting
tonight, the submission deadline for PPW isn't until Monday.

Here's the official announcement that was sent out earlier this

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From: Dan <dan@dwright.org>
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Subject: You! Submit a talk proposal by 20 August 2007 (Please!)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 22:28:09 -0000

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2007 is *your* golden opportunity to
share your Perl ideas, code, and projects with eager hordes of like-
minded codefolk. Last year's speakers had so much fun that we were
forced to add an extra day of speaking slots to this year's PPW.
Shouldn't one of those slots be *yours*? Shouldn't *you* experience
the full glory of the PPW fun-fest that only speakers can know?

Of course you should!

Haven't you ...
done cool stuff with Perl?
written interesting code?
seen the future of Perl?
got a trick to share?
got a story to tell?

Then tell us!

Just go to pghpw.org and submit a talk proposal. It's easy.

But don't delay. Get your proposal in by 20 August 2007 -- or else you
might miss out.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2007 now!

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