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Code performance


I'm relatively new to Perl, so I apologize in advance about any clueless
questions I might pose. I am, after all, essentially clueless.

Here's the question:

Can anyone suggest techniques for further optimizing (meaning increasing
the scanning speed of and reducing the system resources consumed by) the

I have a Perl script that 

1) gets a list of files
2) navigates to a specific directory tree on a server
3) looks for files in the directory tree and for each file
   3.1) opens the file
   3.2) scans each line of the file for references to the files in my
list collected in step 1.
   3.3) If the file name is found, the match information is stored in an
output file. "Match" information means: location of the file being
scanned, name of the file being scanned, and the matching file from the
original list.

I've gone through several iterations of this code trying to make it more
intelligent to increase the number of matches by looking for partial
matches. I do this by removing wildcards, formatting characters, and
numbers from each file name in the original match list, and then
tokenizing each file name in the original match list so that I'm
matching on each element of the file name, not just the full file name
(which might contain wildcards, replacement characters, date formats,
and so on). So, for instance the file name




or an array


I do the same thing for each line of the file. So for instance if I'm
scanning a shell script with the line


the line gets tokenized to


When I compare the two, I get a score based on the number of elements
matched between the two strings.

Needless to say, this hummer is old dog slow and it consumes a bunch of
system resources. 

I've tried a number of techniques to get it to run faster, including:

Only searching executables (which is what I'm interested in, mainly,
although this means I miss configuration files that are read by the
executable but that might contain file references)

Limiting the search to files under 50K (again, not optimal, because
there might be big executables and/or reference files out there).

Scanning the original match list once and storing it in an array.

Putting the original match list in a referenced array.

Putting each file line in a referenced array.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Tom Berthoff

Enterprise Technology
Susquehanna International Group, LLP

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