Geoffrey Young on 21 Feb 2008 07:05:43 -0800

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Re: Code performance

Berthoff, Tom wrote:

I'm relatively new to Perl, so I apologize in advance about any clueless
questions I might pose. I am, after all, essentially clueless.

Here's the question:

Can anyone suggest techniques for further optimizing (meaning increasing
the scanning speed of and reducing the system resources consumed by) the

others are probably more versed in file io and idiomatic shortcuts than I am, so they can give you some suggestions there. however, I'd start with a code profiler so that you actually understand where your bottlenecks are and aren't trying to optimize in all the wrong places.

the two perl ones are

Devel::DProf is included with perl, so you probably have it already. personally, I'm more familiar with Devel::Profiler, but they both produce the same output in the end (see the Devel::Profiler docs for why you'd use one over the other).

anyway, I've been using profiling more and more over the years and find it invaluable. I also proposed an OSCon talk on profiling this year - if it's accepted I'll preview it for :)

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