Eric Roode on 21 Feb 2008 11:16:12 -0800

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Re: Code performance

Quoting Geoffrey Young <>:

> Berthoff, Tom wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Can anyone suggest techniques for further optimizing (meaning increasing
> > the scanning speed of and reducing the system resources consumed by) the
> > following:
> others are probably more versed in file io and idiomatic shortcuts than
> I am, so they can give you some suggestions there.  however, I'd start
> with a code profiler so that you actually understand where your
> bottlenecks are and aren't trying to optimize in all the wrong places.
> the two perl ones are

I would also suggest Devel::SmallProf, which gives a line-by-line analysis of
where time is being spent.

Accurately measurement is the first and most important step in improving
performance, as it gets you started in the right direction.


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