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Re: Social meeting with brian d foy next week

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 01:28:16AM -0400, Bryan Allen wrote:
> +------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> | On 2008-03-20 23:12:49, Walter C. Mankowski wrote:
> | 
> | Next we have to pick a place to take brian.  He'll be staying at the
> | Inn at Penn (roughly 36th and Spruce) so University City might be easy
> | for him, but not a requirement.  As for food, he mentioned he might
> | like to sample a proper cheeesesteak, or any other local cuisine.
> | 
> | Anyone feeling decisive?  Otherwise I suppose we could just end up
> | someplace like New Deck or Cavanaughs.
> You can't take him to New Deck! It's an awful sports bar.

I agree.  I wasn't recommending it as a sports bar.  I don't think
they even try to be one.  I was just thinking of it as a place to have
some beers and food near Penn.

> Take him to South Street and make him wait in line at Jim's for a
> real cheesesteak, like a real Philadelphian.

Real Philadelphians get their cheesesteaks from their corner pizza
place, and leave Jim's to the tourists and kids from the suburbs. :)

But having said that, I do like Jim's better than than the more famous
places in South Philly, and South Street's a good place to wander
around afterwards.

Another place that's been suggested offline is Tony Luke's.  There are
two that I know off -- the original at 2nd and Oregon, and Tony Luke's
Jr. at 18th and Chestnut.

> Or take him to Dinics in RTM if he's around during the day! They
> are full of delicious (just make sure you get there early enough
> before they run out).

Yeah, Dinic's is to die for.

> Or Phoebes or Tommy Gunns for some nice local BBQ.

Mmm, BBQ.

> C'mon, Walt! ;-)

Yeah, I suck.


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