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Re: bulk email?

On Fri, 4 Apr 2008, Lawrence Miller wrote:

Hi, folks.

So, I'm writing a tool to send email reminders to a dynamic list of recipients (employees in this case). Previously, I've just forked off a Mail::Sendmail process for each outgoing email, but in this case, it's likely there will be some days that perhaps 3 or 4 thousand emails will go out (don't worry, it's not spam), and I'm afraid that a) if I don't fork off the processes, it'll take 87 years to finish, and if I do, I suspect it will put too much load on the server.

Is there a preferred module or technique for this sort of thing?  Cheers.

In a word "Mailman"

Why reinvent the wheel?

Not trying to start any kind of flame war and I know this is a perl list but
why do all of that work to write something when a properly configured mailman
installation will do the job.


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