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Fwd: Call for Proposals deadline is tonight.


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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:21:21 -0400
From: Robert Blackwell <robert@robertblackwell.com>
To: yapc <yapc@pm.org>
Subject: [yapc] Call for Proposals  deadline is tonight.

The Official Call for Proposals, http://yapc10.org/yn2009/cfp.html,  
submission deadline for YAPC|10 is Friday, 24 April 2009.

Still looking to talk ideas, maybe Talks You Want,  
http://yapc10.org/yn2009/wiki?node=TalksYouWant, can help.

If you still need help ask about our speaker mentor program.  We really  
want to help new speakers.

Thank you.
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