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Fwd: [plug-announce] March 3, 2010: Perl One-Liners presented by Walt Mankowski (7pm at USP)

FYI, I'm going to be talking about perl one-liners at PLUG tomorrow
night.  Details are below.  Sorry for the short notice, but they had a
speaker cancel over the weekend and I volunteered to fill in.

If you've already seen this talk when I gave it at phl.pm last year,
it'll be pretty much the same.  But if you've only seen an earlier
version (say, at PPW or YAPC) I've expanded it from 20 minutes to
about 45.  It's still pretty similar, but I go more slowly and I've
added some more examples.


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Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 16:28:27 -0500
From: "Paul L. Snyder" <plsnyder@drexel.edu>
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Subject: [PLUG] [plug-announce] March 3, 2010: Perl One-Liners presented by
	Walt Mankowski (7pm at USP)

  ._____. .__________________________________________________________________.
  | ._. | | .______________________________________________________________. |
  | |_| |_|_|___.                                                   _____  | |
  |___| |_____. |   The Philadelphia Area Linux Users Group        | ._. | | |
  .___|_|_| |_| |   (PLUG) cordially invites you to our next   .___| |_|_|_| |
  | ._____| |___|     meeting,  Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010     | ._| |_______|
  | | | |_| |         at The University of the Sciences in     | |_|_|_| |___.
  | | |_____|              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania          |_______| |_. |
  | |______________________________________________________________| | | |_| |
  |__________________________________________________________________| |_____|

    [Please see the end of this announcement for other upcoming
     events in the Philadelphia Area.]
  This month we are happy to welcome long-time PLUG member and
  Philadelphia Perl Mongers coordinator Walt Mankowski, who will
  be giving a talk on Perl One-Liners.

  Philadelphia Perl Mongers:


  The meeting will take place from 7-9pm at:

          University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)
          Griffith Hall C
          600 South 43rd Street
          Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

  USP is located in University City.  Driving directions are
  available at <http://www.phillylinux.org/locations/usp.html>, or
  <http://www.usip.edu/directions/>, both of which have an aerial
  view of the campus buildings.  USP is also easily accessible by
  public transportation.

  There will be an open Question & Answer session at 7PM, prior to
  the main presentation at 8PM.  This is an open meeting; all are
  welcome, and encouraged to attend.

  Usually, a number of members get together after the meeting at a
  nearby restaurant for food and perhaps a beer or two.  Come join
  the camaraderie!

  March 9, 2010
    PLUG North in Plymouth Meeting
    Meeting topic: "Gentoo Linux"

  March 15, 2010
    PLUG West in Malvern
    Meeting topic: TBA

  March 25-28, 2010
    PG East Postgres Conference in Philadelphia

  April 7, 2010
    PLUG Central in Philadelphai
    Meeting Topic: TBA

  April 8-9, 2010
    Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference in Philadelphia
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