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Fwd: Google Summer of Code and TPF call for students


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Subject: [pm_groups] Google Summer of Code and TPF call for students

Hi Perl Mongers,

TPF is participating in GSoC 2010 and will begin accepting applications 
from students on the 29th.  Please share this info with your groups and 
local academic contacts.

If you are a college student interested in Open Source software, now is 
the time to get involved.


Each year, Google offers students the opportunity to spend their summer 
coding on open source projects. You propose a project, and if selected, 
you're assigned a mentor and provided a $4500 stipend. It is a 
competitive program to get into, but offers an amazing amount of 
real-world experience and the ability to get seriously involved in an 
open source project of your choosing. The Perl Foundation spans a wide 
variety of projects including Perl 5, Perl 6, and Parrot with many 
great mentors knowledgeable in areas ranging from language design, 
virtual machines, and compilers through web and desktop applications. 
This program is a great chance to get more involved in the Perl 
community and put a substantial project worth of source code in your 

Applications are due April 9th.


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