R. Geoffrey Avery on 25 Apr 2010 16:08:45 -0700

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travel to YAPC

June 21-23 is approaching quickly(ish).

Originally I was going to make it a family outing, but Teresa cannot make the trip. Now I have a choice to make:

1) fly direct, about 1:30 on the plane + 2 hours early arrival + 1 hour to get to campus = at least 4.5 hours and $450 2) fly indirectly, now 4 hours on the planes for a total of 7 hours and $250-$300
3) bus, about 11.5 hours and $150-$200
4) drive, google says it is 500 miles and 7.5 hours, ~$200 in gas and tolls for up to 4 people

We are now 8 weeks away and several of you have already made arrangements.

Is there anyone who wants to drive out on Sunday and back on Thursday with me?

- Geoff

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