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Re: Announcing the return of tech meetings!

I plan to be there.

- Kurt Starsinic

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Chris Nehren <apeiron@cpan.org> wrote:
> Thanks to the awesome efforts of Darian Patrick and the folks at Penn,
> we now have a space for technical meetings again! We'll be meeting at
> Levine Hall every first Monday from 1900-2100. As this month's meeting
> is relatively short notice (and happening as the winter abyss opens its
> mouth), we'll be focusing on lightning talks, showing off cool things
> we're doing in Perl recently, and planning future tech meetings.
> The meetings will be at Levine Hall, room 307: http://goo.gl/maps/ILps
> from 1900-2100. Our gracious hosts require an RSVP from everyone
> attending due to reasonable security concerns, so please get back to me
> if you plan on attending.
> In future, our meeting format will be similar to that of PLUG: an hour
> of general discussion from 1900-2000 and then a speaker (or speakers!)
> from 2000-2100. Presumably afterwards there will be food and drinks at
> a local establishment; if no one has suggestions I'll find a place. If
> you have an idea for a talk, or a series of themed lightning talks, or
> anything else you'd like to see at our meetings, please get in touch!
> As we're just getting started again, the meeting format will possibly
> evolve away from what I've described above. Beyond that, I do hope to
> hold hackathons and similar activities in the future to put phl.pm on
> the map and grow our membership. In any case, I will announce any
> changes to the list and to our twitter account (@philapm).
> Looking forward to seeing all of you Monday!
> --
> Thanks and best regards,
> Chris Nehren
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