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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] August meeting plans?

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 10:55:38PM -0400, Chris Nehren wrote:
> I would like to have a meeting this August as we have done for most
> months so far this year. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to
> make it due to a long series of interviews I'm doing for a possible
> job in NYC.
> That brings up another point: should I take this position, I'll be
> relocating to NYC. This somewhat limits my ability to attend phl.pm
> meetings. Can anyone step up and help make sure things happen? I'd
> hate to see the group die after I leave.

If no one has anything to present, maybe we could just meet for beers
and food and talk there about going forward.  I'd suggest Nodding
Head, since they have good beer, they're close to Suburban Station,
and I'm boring.  I'm open to other suggestions.

Someone of you might have heard that a) the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop
is coming up [1] and b) I'm going to be doing a talk on demystifying
pack and unpack.  I know next to nothing about pack and unpack, so I'm
hoping to use this opportunity to educate myself.  I also don't know
quite what I'll be talking about, so I'd really like the chance to do
a practice talk before I head out to Pittsburgh.  The September
meeting would be great for that.  Unfortunately the first Monday of
September is Labor Day, so we'll have to pick another day.


1. http://pghpw.org/ppw2011/

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