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[Philadelphia-pm] Followup from last night's meeting

Thanks again to everyone who came out to Nodding Head last night
despite the nasty weather.  I wanted to follow up on a few things I
mentioned last night.

First, [1] and [2] are some recent threads from the perl5-porters
mailing list discussing problems with the ~~ operator. [3] shows the
scary grid we were talking about last night.

Second, John Siracusa wrote a fantastic review of Lion for Ars
Technica.  It's quite long, but well worth reading if you want an
in-depth analysis of what's changed and where Apple's going in the
future. He covers both high-level UI issues (the new gray-on-grayer
color scheme) and low-level changes such as the file system and memory
management.  The article begins at [4], and [5] is where he talks
about how sandboxing works.  As John pointed out last night, it's not
clear how that prevents a malicious app from calling system functions
like open(2) or unlink(2) directly.


1. http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/perl5-porters/2011-07/msg00214.html
2. http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/perl5-porters/2011-07/msg00226.html
3. http://perldoc.perl.org/perlsyn.html#Smart-matching-in-detail
4. http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews/2011/07/mac-os-x-10-7.ars
5. http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews/2011/07/mac-os-x-10-7.ars/9#sandboxing

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