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[Philadelphia-pm] Meeting schedule

Several people emailed me today asking if we were going to have a
meeting tomorrow.  I've got admit, our current "first Monday of the
month" schedule has become really bad for me.  In September I started
teaching a class at Drexel that meets every Tuesday at 9:30 in the
morning.  It's a 3-term course.  Part 2 starts on Tuesday and runs
through mid-March.  Part 3 will start in April and run until June, and
I'm guessing it's likely to meet Tuesday mornings as well.  I've never
taught this course (or anything else!) before, and I like to spend
Monday evenings preparing for class.

So some other day of the week would work better for me.

John Karr emailed me a few days to suggest a topic:

> I'm working on a project where I have to deal with character
> encoding issues a lot.  I'd like to suggest a Unicode Gripe and
> Solutions session.

That sounds like a great topic to me.  I've never had to deal with
unicode programmatically so I couldn't contribute anything, but I'd
like to hear what people have to say in case I ever do.

I'd like to also suggest that if anyone has any topic suggestions,
please send them to the mailing list instead of to me directly.  This
is doubly true if you're going to email me on a holiday when I'm about
to head out of town for the better part of two days and am likely to
forget about your email when I get back. :)

So, to answer the questions, no, we don't have a meeting scheduled for
tomorrow.  I'm not even sure if we even have the room scheduled.  I
suppose there's still time to organize a social meeting, but I
probably won't make it.


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