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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] Meeting schedule

I'd like to speak in praise of John Karr's impromptu presentation on Catalyst at the last PostgreSQL meetup.  He did a great job with no prep.  If he isn't up for a reprise, perhaps someone else might be.


On Jan 5, 2014, at 9:02 PM, Walt Mankowski <> wrote:

> Several people emailed me today asking if we were going to have a
> meeting tomorrow.  I've got admit, our current "first Monday of the
> month" schedule has become really bad for me.  In September I started
> teaching a class at Drexel that meets every Tuesday at 9:30 in the
> morning.  It's a 3-term course.  Part 2 starts on Tuesday and runs
> through mid-March.  Part 3 will start in April and run until June, and
> I'm guessing it's likely to meet Tuesday mornings as well.  I've never
> taught this course (or anything else!) before, and I like to spend
> Monday evenings preparing for class.
> So some other day of the week would work better for me.
> John Karr emailed me a few days to suggest a topic:
>> I'm working on a project where I have to deal with character
>> encoding issues a lot.  I'd like to suggest a Unicode Gripe and
>> Solutions session.
> That sounds like a great topic to me.  I've never had to deal with
> unicode programmatically so I couldn't contribute anything, but I'd
> like to hear what people have to say in case I ever do.
> I'd like to also suggest that if anyone has any topic suggestions,
> please send them to the mailing list instead of to me directly.  This
> is doubly true if you're going to email me on a holiday when I'm about
> to head out of town for the better part of two days and am likely to
> forget about your email when I get back. :)
> So, to answer the questions, no, we don't have a meeting scheduled for
> tomorrow.  I'm not even sure if we even have the room scheduled.  I
> suppose there's still time to organize a social meeting, but I
> probably won't make it.
> Walt
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