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[Philadelphia-pm] Fwd: PPW 2014 Call for Speakers


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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 07:28:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dan Wright <dan@dwright.org>
To: ppw-announce@googlegroups.com
Subject: PPW 2014 Call for Speakers

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Organizers are happy to announce our 7th 
annual event this November 7th through 9th in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. 
    Our web site is now live and accepting registrations.   We are also 
accepting talk submissions through September 26th:


Thanks to Mark Jason Dominus and Tom Christiansen for volunteering talks 
for PPW already.   And thanks to Infinity Interactive for covering the 
costs for John Anderson to come to PPW and teach our famous “From Zero to 
Perl” class on November 7th *at no extra charge* for anybody buying a 
ticket to PPW.

We do have room for one more paid day-long class on the 7th.    Talks on 
the 8th and 9th may be 20 or 50 minutes long.   We’ll give you a ticket to 
the event, a thank-you gift, and some world-famous PPW coffee!

You may wonder “what topic is right for PPW?”   While you might find an 
academic talk here and there, PPW tends to prefer talks that focus on 
practical solutions to real-world problems. Talks do not necessarily need 
to involve Perl code, they just need to be relevant to Perl developers. 
Successful subjects in the past have included: Revision control, Tools for 
developers, Integrating other languages with Perl, Job hunting / 
recruiting, Personal health topics, Project management, and Perl community 
related talks.

Ultimately, the litmus test for any talk we select for PPW is: "Will our 
attendees find value in this talk?"

This is *your* opportunity to share in the excitement of being a part of 
PPW.   Seize the moment and submit your talk today (please!)


Thank you,

The 2014 PPW Organizers

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