Karen Cravens on 25 Jan 2019 15:16:59 -0800

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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] Monday, Jan 14

On 1/25/19 4:40 PM, Ricardo Signes wrote:
> I'd like to make it to future meetings, but Mondays are difficult.  They're the
> evening on which I have most of my calls with faraway time zones.  I'll keep my
> eyes on this list for weeks when it's more likely to work out, but I wonder how
> attached we are to Mondays. :)
I am about 95% more likely to forget about it on Mondays, FWIW.

Carl works in the city MWF and is reluctant to turn around and come
right back, but on the other hand is also reluctant to hang around for
2.5 hours waiting for the meeting to start while lugging a laptop etc.
So weirdly he's *more* likely to come with me on a Tu/Thu, but I'm not
sure how likely that actually is.

(He's talked about going in later on those days; normally he does 7-4
but they're flexible. But, again, we usually forget about it until
Monday afternoon.)
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