jr6b on Tue, 8 Apr 1997 00:05:27 -0400 (EDT)

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[PLUG] internet radio broadcast about ifile

Don't ask me how this happened, but I'll be taking part in a live, 
one-on-one interview which will be broadcast across the internet.  The topic of 
conversation will be the intelligent mail filter I have written, ifile.  
Hopefully I won't embarass myself too much :)

I figured that the PLUG group would be a good group to announce something like 
this to as the filter is for EXMH, which is one of the premiere e-mail programs 
available for Linux.

The interview is part of a weekly broadcast known as "On Queue" which promotes 
programmers which have worked on programming projects which are interesting in 
some way, shape or form.  The host of the show is Alfred Warner, a long time 
programmer and a well known guy in the programming world.  In the past, he has 
entertained such guests as John Ousterhout, the author of The Tcl/Tk Project 
and Don Libes, the author of Expect.

You can find the on-line home of "On Queue" at 
"http://www.clubnetct.com/media/oq.htm";.  At this point, my interview isn't 
listed on the page, but you can take a look at the people who have previously 
been hosts for "On Queue".

If you would like to hear me on line, there is a link on the "On Queue" page 
which allows you to download the Xing Streamworks software which decodes the 
format of the audio stream.  If you find that downloading it from the Xing 
server is slow, I have the Linux and Sparc binaries on my own machine at 
"ftp://syrinx.res.cmu.edu/swplayer/";.  It appears that the easiest way to have 
Streamworks run the audio stream is to download the .xdm link, display the .xdm 
file on your xterm and then use that link to do a "File -> Open Stream..." and 
insert the xdma:// link listed in the .xdm file.

The live broadcast will be at 3pm on this coming Thursday.  Once the interview 
has taken place, you will be able to find the audio link for my interview on 
the "On Queue" web page and listen to the interview some point in time after 
the live braodcast.

Maybe one of these days I'll be able to make it to another PLUG meeting and 
give a rehash of all the stuff I will have talked about during this interview.

Jason Rennie                                          jr6b+@andrew.cmu.edu
       School of Computer Science - Carnegie Mellon University

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