Chuck Peters on Thu, 25 Sep 1997 21:34:42 -0400 (EDT)

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                           The Philadelphia Area
                             Linux Users Group
   WHERE: Cyberloft Cafe, 1525 Walnut Street, 2nd floor 215-564-4380.
   WHEN: Wednesday, Oct 1, 1997, 7-9PM COST: NONE
			  Caldera OpenLinux Lite Vs 1.1
				 David E. Edwards
				 September, 1997

1) Why Dosemu under Linux?
   Some of my own personal requirements for implementing DOSEMU under
Linux. Specifically identifying a couple of applications I need to get

2) Preliminaries.
   Here I will comment on the things I did to start this little project,
including locating and reading the documentation. 
Deciding on the functionality I want - printing; modem use, and CDRom

3) Preparation.
   In here, I will briefly identify the tasks I performed to prepare for
installation.  I will line item comment on all of the critical functions

4) Implementation.
   In here, I will chronicle my initial implementation of DOSEMU;
Including any and all problems and solutions.  IF I still have problems,
I will use them as questions to the the group.

5) Testing.
   Once I have a working(!!) DOSEMU session, I will test a couple of the
applications I have to use. And will comment on the success or failure
of the executions.

6) Comments.
   My own personal comments on the implementation and use of DOSEMU.


Dave E.

   PLUG, Philadelphia Linux User's Group meets on the first Wednesday of
   each month.
   Many thanks to Mostafa Eldefrawy ( for providing
   the space and for staying open an hour later than usual once per month
   for us!
Look forward to seeing you there.

Chuck Peters