John S. Kallal on Sun, 2 Mar 1997 16:12:03 -0500 (EST)

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Group Project

    For an initial PLUG group project, I recommend that we start 
with a number of small documentation projects that will add to the 
overall documentation of the Linux operation system.  I suggest 
a set of small for the following reasons:

- As each document is completed, the value of LINUX increase.
  A few small well done projects is better than one large 
  uncompleted project.
- This is something that can be done with just e-mail.  One
  of our group can write a document.  Then others can review the
  newly written document.

- Each PLUG member can select a needed document that is in an 
  area that the writer knows or desired to learn about.

Some of the following may be useful documentation projects:

- Creating any of the reference cards listed in the GNU task list.

- Creating needed documentation for any simple GNU utilities that 
 lack both a manual and/or a MAN page.
- Creating some of the missing LINUX MAN pages for the Systems calls, 
   special devices, and kernel internal variables (ie. manual page 
   in sections 2,4,9 ).  (I think that these sections of the LINUX 
   documentation is missing many needed documents.)

John S. Kallal