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Re: IP masq...

Tony Buser wrote:

> I've never tried using IP masquerading before, I always used socks.
> However, I thought I'd try it since I hated having to type "runsocks"
> before every program.  I thought I had it working when my linux pc
> behind the firewall was working perfectly.  However, my windows pc
> isn't.  I was able to get it to ping and traceroute through the
> firewall, and I even got ICQ to work through the firewall, however, ftp,
> telnet, netscape, IE, IRC, and AOL IM won't work.  FTP and IRC says
> error 10061 and netscape says "socket not connected".
> Has anyone else seen this or have experience with ip masq?  I followed
> the ip masq how-to completely and the server doesn't leave any errors
> that could lead me to figureing out what the problem is...


I wrote a little overview thing on ip masq for in the November

It also has some links to other resources, ..  hope this helps a little :)

Rob Kennedy


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