William Massa on Mon, 1 Feb 1999 11:16:29 -0500 (EST)

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RE: win98&linux

I got LILO installed correctly and I can dual boot.
Thanks for the help.

BTW: I didn't skip college, I have BA in Business Administration
with a Major in Computer Information Systems.

Also, a M$ Solution Provider Partner - is a company that offers 
Training and development services using M$ products and we have 
a Tech support individual from M$ assigned to help us directly 
(Not that it helps much, some times I think they know less than 
what I already know).

I kept WIN98 on my Laptop because I need it for work.
That's what I do, that's how I earn a living.  I wish I could
stay home and write freeware all day long but somebody has to pay
the bills.  

I develop custom software (Client Server or 3-tier Apps.)
using M$ Visual FoxPro, M$ Transaction Server and  M$ SQL Server.

Thanks for your help.

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