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Re: Printer problems

Eric Windisch wrote:
> I have been unable to get my printer (Canon BJ 4100) to work in Linux,
> since my first installation 2 years ago.  I tried Printtool,
> magicfilter, custom GS filter, and apsfilter.  Apsfilter worked for the
> test-page, but when it sets it-self up my print is seen as offline, and
> will not print.  I ran lpc and typed "start all", but it gave the
> following error:
> lp:
>         printing enabled
> lpc: connect: Connection refused
>         couldn't start daemon
> I cannot seem to configure /etc/printcap to fix this problem, anyone
> have any suggestions ??

A couple of things can be happening

Is the printer a ``Windows'' printer?

Is the printer's on line light lit?

Can you print using plain old dos, not windows?

I did a search on 


and found that the cmos has to be set up right and they only mention
support for windows, and not for dos.  Also their site seems to indicate
that there are problems with Compaq boxes and etc.  

I looked at the supported printers and the bjc 4100 is listed as a
ghostscript supported printer.  One thing that you might want to check
is if the parallel port is set up as a bidrectional port.

If none of this works send us what your printcap looks like.
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