Jeff Dean on Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:37:49 -0500 (EST)

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laptop with 3C589D: how to config module settings

Anyone have any nuggets of wisdom for me?  I have
a no-name laptop expressing extreme distaste for
a 3C589D under RHL5.2.  Cardmanager sees the
card and recognizes it correctly, then does the
insmod for 3c589_cs.o.  Next eth0 starts and sees
the card as port 0x300 and irq5.  If I have it attached
to a LAN, hda goes banannas and starts reporting
drive failures.  It corrupts the disk eventually, but
the network does get a DHCP lease and works.
I assume it's a resource conflict because
the same hardware works fine with win98, where the
card is reported as port 0x1000 and irq9.

I've added this to /etc/conf.modules:

    alias eth0 3c589_cs
    options 3c589_cs io=0x1000 irq=9

but that doesn't seem to be observed, as the same
0x300/irq5 is reported next time.

I'm new to kernel/module stuff, and if you know
how to set me straight, I'd appreciate it.


Jeff Dean
IT Director, SCT Corporation

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