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Re: laptop with 3C589D: how to config module settings

Jeff Dean wrote:

> I've added this to /etc/conf.modules:
>     alias eth0 3c589_cs
>     options 3c589_cs io=0x1000 irq=9
> but that doesn't seem to be observed, as the same
> 0x300/irq5 is reported next time.

Hi Jeff,

You said that when your ethernet card is connected to a network that
your hardrive goes crazy.  Well,  what I see is not necessarily a
compile or module problem, but a hardware conflict.  Windows can take 2
different devices operating on the same irq or the same port address and
reroute them assigning them different irq and port.  According to your
ethernet cards internal settings, it is set at 1rq5 port 300 which is
the default for ethernet.  

The pc hardware default for ide0 is irq 14


dmesg | awk '/ide0/ || /eth0/'

Output should contain something like:

ide0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6 on irq 14
eth0: PCI NE2000 found at 0xfce0, IRQ 5, 00:20:18:2C:90:8E.

If both the ide and eth are on the came irq or have the same port
address you have a problem and a hardware conflict.  You could also see
what is running on irq5 or port 300 by changing the regular expressions.

like dmesg | awk '/IRQ 5/ || /irq 5/ || /0x300/ || /0X300/'

This information will allow you to see where you may have any problems
with the hardware probing by the kernel.  

If there are hardware conflicts I don't know if you have the ability on
a laptop to fix or change them.

Maybe you could send us the reports from the kernel boot messages as
described above.

I hope that this helps

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