jason and jill on Sun, 3 Oct 1999 14:16:24 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [Plug] PLUG Meeting Subject-Suggestion!!

> And as someone who subscribes to a few of those lists (clasm, mahler 
> and DSCH), I feel compelled to comment ;-).  BTW, I know at least
> one of the lists (classm-l) that you run is not closed, or is it?

It ended up being closed, I believe.  

> I have a few email addresses, most of which end up getting forwarded to
> the same mailbox, but what if I want to/need to post from an address
> different from the one I am subscribed as?  

Which, of course, is a limitation of the list program rather than
anything to do with opening or closing a list.  Listserv, for example,
lets you sub from a dozen addresses if you want, with each cleared to
post, but to set yourself to receive mail at only one address, or even
no address.  (A few people do that for my lists--they read the list
through the web archive, never receive a post, but are subbed for
posting purposes.)

Looking at the PLUG web page, mailman allows an account to be
subscribed, but with mail delivery suspended.

So this (posting from multiple accounts) isn't really a closed/not
closed issue.  


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