Igor Grobman on Sun, 3 Oct 1999 12:57:12 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [Plug] PLUG Meeting Subject-Suggestion!!

Some time around  Sun, 03 Oct 1999 10:52:00 EDT, 
         jason and jill wrote:

 > I have to say, as someone that runs quite a few lists, I'm really
 > surprised to find out that PLUG isn't a closed list.

And as someone who subscribes to a few of those lists (clasm, mahler 
and DSCH), I feel compelled to comment ;-).  BTW, I know at least
one of the lists (classm-l) that you run is not closed, or is it?

>  Open posting lists
 > haven't been standard in years.  Closed lists prevent the type of
 > postmaster attack we had here--which again I haven't seen happen to a
 > list in years, since closing the list became standard.  Closed lists are
 > also generally protected against spams, since spammers usually don't go
 > to the trouble of spamming a list before they post.

Well, so far we haven't had much spam here (thank god).  As for postmaster
attacks, they are easily prevented by blocking admin addresses (postmaster,
root, etc.) from posting to the list.  For a short time when I used to
run this list,  it was run by smartlist which has an option to block
administrative addresses.  I am not sure mailman has a similar option,
but I did inquire this of the current listmaster.

I have a few email addresses, most of which end up getting forwarded to
the same mailbox, but what if I want to/need to post from an address
different from the one I am subscribed as?  Most people have at 
least 2 different mailboxes: work and home.  What if someone
wants to post a message from work even if he/she is subscribed with the
home address.   It's not a big deal if the message gets rejected, 
but it's annoying, and right  now I don't see enough problems on
this list to warrant closing it.  The argument of a newbie posting
has already been expounded on by others, so I'll stop here.

BTW, I am now more or less permanently in Columbus, so
don't even try recalling if you saw me at the plug meeting 
recently, you didn't ;)

who idly wonders why he is on PLUG list a year later.

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