Douglas A. Weber on Mon, 4 Oct 1999 06:31:15 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [Plug] Hard Drive cutoff switch/cable?

Simple Solution.  Buy two ide hard drive drawers.  slide one in and install
operating system # 1..  Slide it out and insert # 2 and install operating
system # 2.  I have not done this but a buddy has - He chooses what
operating system he needs to work in and then installs that drive.  on his
system he is running windows 95,98,NT4,2000 beta3, and RedHat 6.  Seems to
work just fine for him.

Drawers should cost $10 - 20 tops.


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Subject: [Plug] Hard Drive cutoff switch/cable?

> Greetings...
>   A bit of a hardware question: [not linux specific]
> My friends have a need to install a second harddrive (their current one)
> in a new computer they are getting.  They want to be able to TOTALLY cut
> off access to the harddrive when they are using the harddrive/software on
> the other harddrive.  I am assuming that sometimes they will boot from HD
> #1 and sometimes from harddrive #2 -- when they boot from HD #2, they
> don't have to worry about turning off HD#1 -- but when they boot #1, they
> need to be able to turn off #2.
> Note: these are IDE drives.
> Any ideas?
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