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Re: [Plug] email antivirus for Linux ?

> We (my company -- ~300 user HMO) need to scan every email attachment as it
> comes in.  We have a T1 connection.  If we were to set up a Linux box to
> handle incoming email, is there a way to scann all attachments for viruses
> before the users get them ?

Trend Micro makes a product called InterScan VirusWall.  I know it runs on
Solaris, not sure about Linux.  I've installed it in many different
environments, and it has always been very highly effective.  Its just a
gateway that sits between your email server and the internet -- it scans
all incoming (and/or outgoing) messages before they reach the server.
Automatically updates its virus patterns whenever needed, and it has a
browser interface.  I think their web page is

- Sean

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